Thursday, 28 February 2008

FC Zurich vs Grasshoppers derby

02 Mar 2008. FC Zurich vs Grasshoppers derby. Stadium, Grasshopper Club Zurich, Switzerland. Hardturm, Hardturmstrasse 321, 8037 Zurich. Capacity - 17667. Zurich's Stadtderby is one of the oldest football derbies outside Great Britain. The first time it was played out was on 20 November 1897. Ever since there have been over 200 matches. Traditionally Grasshopper Club was known more as the noble and middle-class club, while FC Zurich was the club for the working men. But nowadays these social differences have nearly vanished. Those rivals played 200 Matches so far. In 101 Grasshoppers won, FC Zurich won 65 matches and 34 times was draw. Grasshoppers has a lot of supporter groups like Grassmokers, Blue-Side (1999), Wodka Fanatics (1999), Zone Romande. Zurich fans are Sudkurve. The support in the city for each club is about 50/50. Grasshoppers is mainly supported by the families who have been living in Zurich for many generations while FC Zurich attracts more people who have settled in Zurich but have their roots in other parts of Switzerland.

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